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Standing Seam Metal Roofs For
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If your Lebanon, NH, roof needs replacing – no rule states you have to go with the same material from before. There’s a newer material on the market that’s guaranteed to fit your needs even better!

Metal roofs are trending again and becoming increasingly popular these days. The newly trending, more advanced versions have become a popular choice amongst those who want a highly sturdy and beautiful roof.

However, when we say “metal roofs” we are not talking about roofs that eventually rust and are an eyesore. We are talking about standing seam metal roofs for your Grafton County home.

Learn more about why standing seam metal roofs are an excellent option for your home!

Our Standing Seam Metal Roof Services

Our standing seam metal roofs are not corrugated metal. We do not deal at all with corrugated metal.

Corrugated metal is what gives metal roofs a lousy reputation. Our standing seam metal roofs are interlocking panels that do not use screws – meaning there is no risk of leaks later!

Why Our Standing Seam Metal Roofs Outrank The Competition

While we may not be the roofing contractors installing standing seam metal roofs, our metal roofs are still superior. Industry standards are to have a one-inch seam on these types of roofs. However, we go above a 1.5-inch seam.

Given our winter weather, the taller seam ensures that no water can stand on the roof, which can lead to ice damage!

In addition, the standard requirement is to use 26-gauge metal and so, we utilize 24-gauge metal – which is thicker, offering even more insulation for your Lebanon, NH home.

Why Do People Turn To Us?

Since 1933, Jancewicz & Son has been successfully replacing roofs. We have established ourselves as the premier roofer in the Lebanon, NH, area. Our outstanding reputation was developed through the consistently excellent service we have provided over the years.

Those who have worked with us in the past love how we are ready and willing to answer their questions. They also love how we provide quality materials that are a step above the competition. Plus, we don’t waste time while replacing a roof.

We don’t believe a person should be so bogged down in details that their roof replacement becomes an everyday worry. When you work with us, we replace your roof so you can focus your day on other aspects of your life.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We are very happy with the standing seam roof and love the rain diverter we asked them to install just before installation. They listened to what we wanted, including what we were looking for. We would ask them to do more work on our house when needed.

Amy H.

The installation crew was the best team I’ve ever encountered for a job on the exterior of my home — cheerful, polite, working quietly and efficiently. At the job finish, they even crawled on their hands and knees to make sure there were no bits of metal roofing or installation materials in my front garden. Wow!

Victor H.

Great people, great service, great product… What could be bad? They were very responsive to our needs and requests and stood by their work when finishing the last details. Love our new roof!

Loren F.

FAQs About Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Q: What Is The Lifespan Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs?

A: On average, standing seam metal roofs can last fifty years or more with proper care. This long lifespan is why many homeowners consider standing seam metal roofs, as they will never have to worry about roof replacement again!

Q: Can We Help With Financing Your New Roof?

A: Yes, we can. We offer an easy financing option that can give you a few options as to what you pay monthly to have your roof replaced.

Q: What’s One Benefit Of Standing Seam Metal Roofs People Love Most?

A: Many people love to hear the rain hitting their metal roofs – as they find the sound comforting. Even better, the energy benefits of metal roofing are one of the most significant. Lower electric and gas bills are a massive reason for replacing any roof.

Q: Are There Numerous Color Options?

A: Yes, the standing seam metal roofs are different from metal roofs of the past that often only came in primary colors like black or gray. You will find there is a color option that will match your exterior and keep your curb appeal intact.

Jancewicz & Son

Since 1933 we have been providing quality home improvement services for residents in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. Click or call today to get a free quote for your roofing or remodeling needs.


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