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My Dad Taught Me It’s An Honor To Work On Somebody’s Home…
And It’s A Lesson I’ve Never Forgotten.

A Message From Jayson Dunbar, President of Jancewicz & Son: jayson

I got started in roofing and home renovation early in my life. My dad, Brad Dunbar, was owner of Jancewicz & Son, and at 13 I was working on roofs with men, learning from people who knew their craft.

I felt pretty cool riding home from jobs in the back of a truck, dirty from hard work, waving to friends envious that I was already working in the ‘grown-up’ world. It was great to be treated as someone who could pull his own weight even at a young age.

It was also fun when people recognized me and would sing our jingle from the radio at the time: “Your home can be a castle, your place in the sun. Jancewicz & Son is all you need; roofing, siding, and insulation; we do it all ourselves. Get the job done right the first time with Jancewicz & Son.”

That might sound like your typical radio jingle to a lot of people, but to me, it really meant something. For one, it was just kind of neat that people recognized Jancewicz & Son. But I also liked what the jingle represented, especially the part about a “home can be a castle.”

I don’t care how big or small a home is, how modest or grand it is, every home matters and every client deserves our very best. I thought that then, and I still believe it today.

Things My Dad Taught Me

Back in 1970, my dad bought Jancewicz & Son, a company founded in 1933. It turned out to be a great decision, and here are a few things I learned from him:

  • Put others – your family and your clients – ahead of yourself.
  • Meet your responsibilities.
  • Think before you speak.
  • Lead by example.
  • A sense of humor is important. (If my dad teases you, that means he likes you!).

The values my dad taught me was the foundation for how I run Jancewicz & Son today. But I still had more to learn.

Think Differently

When I left for college, it was not my intent to return here and eventually run Jancewicz & Son. But as I studied for a business degree, I began to realize that much of what I was learning could be applied to help grow a home improvement business.

My dad believed in me and let me implement my ideas. As things developed, I was eventually able to buy the business from my parents in 2000. My dad stayed on and still came to work most days. (He’s now retired). In his quiet supportive way, he was always there when I needed advice but also never tried to make me run things his way.

Looking back, I was incredibly fortunate: I basically lucked into the perfect education for owning a home renovation company. Up on roofs by age 13, I learned home renovation from the ground-up, building up a thorough knowledge of products and learning the craft from experienced installers who cared about their work. But I also got the business degree and had my own ideas that allowed me to see things from a management perspective, too.

This ‘double-education’ has allowed me to think differently about this home improvement company.

Much of the home renovation industry gets stuck in “that’s the way it’s always been done.” For example, some companies get so focused on delivering the lowest possible quote, they start taking shortcuts with inferior products and temporary labor. They ask, “What’s cheapest?” instead of “What’s the best long-term value for my clients?”

So what else do we do that’s different?

  • While much of the industry has a hire ‘whoever-is-available-at-the-moment’ philosophy, we put a huge emphasis on who we hire, always looking for top-quality performers. We also treat and pay our team as the professionals they are, so we retain the very best.
  • We run our business with processes that are completely professional. Many roofing and home improvement companies manage by moving from one problem to the next, leading to a more chaotic and stressful experience for homeowners.
  • We are very centered on the best solutions for homeowners. We won’t recommend something that is a terrible long-term solution just to be the cheapest quote. At the same time, we also won’t recommend doing something you don’t need just because it would be a bigger sale for us.

I’m happy to say that this way of “thinking differently” has been very successful and popular with homeowners. After experiencing the way Jancewicz & Son handles their project with total professionalism from A to Z, clients turn to us for all their home renovation needs.

If we sound like your kind of company, I’d be honored if you contacted us to schedule a free consultation and quote. Contact Us.

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