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EPDM and TPO Roof Repair, Maintenance, and Replacement Services for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

Flat roofing is the system of choice for commercial and industrial buildings across Vermont and New Hampshire. The reasons are many. Flat roofing allows office buildings more indoor storage, since there are no peaks with wasted space inside. They allow for additional outdoor storage, as well, since HVAC and exhaust ports can be stored on the roof. Perhaps most importantly, in areas where winter months are particularly brutal, flat roofs allow easy access for snow removal and damage repair.

Additional benefits of commercial flat roofing systems include:

  • Durability and life span – As some flat roofs are ballasted with gravel (and tar less commonly used these days), the systems are easy to maintain and more durable than many other types of roofing systems.
  • Wind resistance – A symmetric surface offers less wind resistance than angled roofs, and there is no need to worry about blow-offs.
  • Affordable cost – The lack of shingles and other complicating materials means cost is reduced for the overall structure.
  • Efficiency – The flat surface is ideal for the placement of solar panels for energy conservation efforts.

Why Choose Jancewicz & Son to Maintain, Repair, or Replace Your Building’s Flat Roof?

With unparalleled experience working on flat roofs for nearly 100 years, Jancewicz & Son has seen it all. We’ve fixed simple leakage issues and we’ve reroofed facilities that suffered significant structural damage. We understand that many flat roof problems are not visible to the naked eye, and our people have the skills and technical know-how to ensure the job gets done right the first time.

Further, we believe in the value of investing in our people. Both our field staff and administrative staff are highly trained professionals, continually vested in training and certification in the newest and most cutting-edge technologies to ensure our customers receive only the greatest standards of quality. In fact, we say it often: 100% satisfaction is not a goal at Jancewicz & Son; it is the minimum standard.


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