Slate Roofing

The Appeal of Natural Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is often seen on many of the older homes and barns across Vermont and New Hampshire. Since it is considered virtually indestructable, slate was the roof system of choice then. It is extremely versatile, available in many different colors and grades depending on the origin. Most slate used in New England is quarried in Vermont, New York, or Quebec, but we have been known to import slate from as far away as Wales if the project calls for it.

Slate is often more expensive than other roofing materials, and its installation requires skill and experience. Not only does Jancewicz & Son have experienced roofers skilled in the installation and repair process, we fully support and provide continual education to ensure we stay on the cutting edge. And we believe in our team so much that we back their services with the best warranties in the industry.

Among the advantages of slate compared to other roofing products:

  • Long life and durability
  • Its resistance to acid and pollutants
  • It is a fireproof building material
  • It holds an impermeable barrier to water
  • Slate is highly slip-resistant material
  • The outstanding insulation from heat and cold
  • Highest storm resistance of any roofing material
  • Resistance to chipping, cracking and abrasion
  • High strength
  • The warmth and elegance of a natural stone
  • Slate is a natural stone and therefore environmentally-friendly
  • Many colors including greens, grays, reds, multicolor, and more
  • Virtually limitless architectural options

Why can’t a regular roofer repair my slate roof? Why do I need a specialist?

Regular roofers are trained to repair roofs that are covered with asphalt shingles, built-up asphalt, and maybe EPDM. Slate is a very different material to work with, and therefore, to repair. A person who is trained to install and repair slate roofs is really just as much a stone mason as he (or she) is a roofer. The training is very different and the repair work is much more difficult and specialized.

Slate cannot be cut to size and simply nailed down like asphalt shingles. Slate needs to be cut with a specialized slate cutter, which leaves the correct flaky tapered edge. Nails cannot simply be driven through a slate tile – this would cause the tile to split and break. Nail holes need to be punched with a specialized tool which leaves an indent for the nail head to lay flush with the surface of the slate – otherwise water would leak through. The nails are then driven through with a specialized slate hammer.


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