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We’re Obsessed With Giving Our Clients The Very Best Experience & Results.

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Let’s face it. Finding, selecting, and hiring a home improvement company can cause a lot of stress for homeowners. Many tell us they worry about the hassles and sub-standard results that sometimes come along with a new roof or other home improvement projects.

We eliminate these fears for our clients. At Jancewicz & Son, our focus – it’s really more of an obsession – is to deliver the very best experience and results every single time.

We promise to take a holistic approach to your roof or other improvement projects. We don’t believe in rushed quotes and sales pitches. Instead, we carefully listen to your goals, thoroughly inspect the project area, and then give you a well-thought out recommendation and proposal.

We use the latest building science techniques and then use our own team of installation experts to implement a lasting solution.

In other words, every single thing we do is geared toward making your project easy and stress-free, with the longest-lasting and highest-quality results.

If the idea of a doing business with a company that always chooses ‘the right way’ appeals to you, we’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote. Contact Us.

More About Why Homeowners Love Jancewicz & Son:

Always The Right Solution – Our thorough analysis of your roof or other home improvement project will give you the information you need. We always recommend the right solution, even if that means a smaller sale. If you only need a repair, we’ll tell you that. Read more

Here Since 1933 – Most roofers and home improvement companies last 5 years or less. We’ve lasted 90+ years and counting. Read more

We Make It EASY – Your project should be a hassle-free, totally professional, and end with results you love. We really do believe in making it easy for you. Read more

Quality-First Values – Whenever there’s a choice between a cheap product that won’t last, and a quality product that provides our clients the best long-term value, we always, Always, ALWAYS select quality first. It’s the right thing to do. Read more

Best People = Best Results – Our “secret to success” really isn’t a secret. We’ve put a tremendous amount of effort into hiring the very best people. When you have great people, you deliver great results. Read more

We Work Year-Round – No roofer or home improvement company can work in the dead of a New England winter, right? Wrong. We’re year-round professionals and you shouldn’t hesitate to call us anytime. We have the processes and people in place to do work any time of the year. Read more

Financing – We get it: payment plans make getting a new roof or upgrading your home easier to fit into the budget. Jancewicz & Son offers a simple financing application and approval. Read more

We’d be honored to meet with you and give you a free consultation on your roof or other home project. Contact Us to get started

Jancewicz & Son

Since 1933 we have been providing quality home improvement services for residents in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. Click or call today to get a free quote for your roofing or remodeling needs.


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