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Flat roof repair will sooner or later be required for all commercial facilities, especially those in Vermont and New Hampshire regions where inclement weather can be extreme and unexpected. Flat roofs, for all their benefits in the way of increased indoor space and ease of access, among others, are prone to leakage. Ponding water is the most common culprit.

The root cause of a leaky flat roof is often difficult to determine. Typical problem areas are seams or flashings, as well as roof drains, chimneys, skylights, or other areas where an outside structure penetrates the roof. Less frequent—but no less critical—flat roof issues involve EPDM rubber membrane shrinkage and damage due to excessive foot traffic.

Why Choose Jancewicz & Son to Repair Your Flat Roof?

As fully licensed and insured flat roofing experts having repaired and replaced all types of systems since 1933, we have seen it all. We understand the importance of getting a repair done right the first time, and with as little intrusion into daily operations as possible.

Every flat roof repair project begins with a thorough inspection. This allows our address the cause of any particular problem while also discovering unnoticed damage to the roof, its underlayment, and even the building structure as a whole. Even the smallest leak or seemingly most insignificant problem has the potential to cause unexpected damage that may be detrimental to the structural integrity of your building.

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