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In need of flat roof repair for your home, commercial facility, or other structure in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Massachusetts? Look no further. The team of contractors and roofing experts at Jancewicz & Son has been providing quality home improvement with a reputation of excellence since 1933. Such experience can mean the difference between simply fixing a flat roof leak and ascertaining the root cause of such leaks to ensure a long, durable life for your roofing systems.

Among the more common reasons for flat roof repair are:

  • Leaks & Moisture: Normal weathering or wear and tear can cause cracks in sheathing, which in turn causes leaks.
  • Blow Offs & Tenting: Extreme wind and/or rain can sweep around and under the roof’s perimeter, causing sections to tent and, in some cases, blow off completely.
  • Ponding Water: During unpredictable winters with extreme temperature changes, snow build up and ice dams can cause water to puddle and weaken the roof until leakage begins to occur. Ponding water is a sort of “silent killer,” able to damage large areas of the roof before leakage becomes apparent.
  • Shrinkage: Particularly hot weather under the brutal summer sun can cause flat roof field membranes to shrink, thus pulling and loosening flashings.
  • Blistering: When flat roofing is improperly installed, the natural aging and settling of a structure may cause blisters or bubbles in the membrane, which then fill with water and can damage to your roof deck.
  • Punctures: Often the result of tree branches or debris thrown onto the roof in high winds, punctures can cause a lot of damage in a relatively short period of time.

Discovering the root cause of a flat roof leak or other problem not only exposes additional potential issues, but it also helps to gauge the true amount of damage done to your roof.


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