Copper Roofing

The Warmth & Beauty of a Copper Roof

Copper roofing for your Vermont or New Hampshire residence or commercial facility can add both character and long-term durability. Not only does it offer a unique beauty and aesthetic warmth, but copper roofing also ranks among the materials most resistant to the sometimes-harsh elements of northern New England.

Standing seam copper roofing is constructed using preformed panels approximately 18 to 24 inches wide that run parallel to the slope of the roof. The panels are locked together with standing seams to prevent leakage, and provide a sleek, uniform appearance.

Soldered copper roofs, on the other hand, are typically constructed using rectangular roofing pans that are offset and soldered together to form a brick wall styled pattern. Both standing seam and soldered techniques result in solid membrane roofs that are sure to remain weather resistant, while aging gracefully like a fine wine darkening in color over the years.

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