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When Should You Consider a New Roof Over Repairs?

Roof replacement and restoration for historical buildings in Vermont and New Hampshire poses a unique set of challenges. For many of these structures, the roof plays an essential part in the overall architectural character, reflecting not only the building practices that were used at the time, but also using materials that helped define the building’s aesthetics.

A great number of historical buildings in the New England area utilized materials that aren’t so commonly used today, such as clay tiles, slate, and wood shingles. Prior to the 19th century, copper and lead were typically the only metals used for roofing. And many of the roofing techniques that were widely used back then are considered well out of date today.

So the question remains: How can a roofing company restore or replace a historical building’s roof while ensuring that its character and style matches the original structure?

First, we must locate the problem. Every Jancewicz & Son roofing project begins with a thorough inspection, using our deep well of knowledge and experience as a frame of reference. We have been restoring historical roofing systems for nearly 100 years; in that time, we’ve seen–and done–it all. During the inspection process, we can determine whether repairs will suffice or if a complete roof replacement is necessary.

In either case, the next step is to determine which craft practice will be necessary in order to imitate the original process as closely as possible, while employing modern day technologies that will enhance the roof’s integrity without sacrificing its aesthetic. Additionally, building codes or lack of material availability may impede our ability to recreate the roof using the original materials, so we will then determine the appropriate alternative materials to use.

Why Choose Jancewicz & Son to Replace Your Historical Building’s Roof?

Our team has unparalleled experience repairing and replacing the roofs of historical buildings across Vermont and New Hampshire, restoring them to former beauties while ensuring they remain strong and able to withstand the sometimes harsh New England weather. View some of our work in our roofing gallery to see why historical building owners and curators rely on Jancewicz & Son.

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