Always The Right Solution

You’ll Get Straight Answers… Even If It Means A Lesser Sale For Us.

Here’s Why Vermont, New Hampshire, & Massachusetts Homeowners Trust Us To Give Them A 100% Honest Analysis

We always recommend the RIGHT solution to our clients. But, really, any home renovation company can say they do that.

So we want to give you a real-life example of what we mean:

One of our most common calls is from a homeowner thinking they need a roof replacement. That’s one of our specialties, so we’re happy to go to their home for a free consultation.

Often, the homeowner is convinced it’s time for a new roof, especially if it is leaking. But we never just say “okay, must be time for a new roof, then. Here’s our quote.”

We ask questions. We do a thorough inspection and analysis. And sometimes we end up talking our clients out of a new roof, and recommend a simple repair instead.

You might be thinking, “well, isn’t that what any company would do?”

Actually, it’s not. Some roofers don’t even offer repairs; they are only interested in full replacement. And many will simply take a few measurements, calculate materials, and hand you a vague quote. They aren’t doing the kind of inspection that can tell you what the right solution even is.

Not Just Roofs

That’s an example from roofing, but it’s also how Jancewicz & Son approaches every project. If you call us for siding, windows, carpentry work, or anything else, we use this same thorough and honest method. We look at a project holistically, and only then recommend a solution.

Integrity = Good Business

One of the reasons we do business this way is we want to sleep well at night. But there’s another motivation, too. We’d rather earn homeowner trust and have clients for a lifetime. In our experience, the ‘quick-buck’ artists are the ones that end up out of business.

We’d rather be the company that proves our integrity by ALWAYS recommending the best solution. It’s been working for Jancewicz & Son for 90+ years, and we see no reason to change it now.

Ready for an honest assessment? Give us a call now and get a free quote.

Jancewicz & Son

Since 1933 we have been providing quality home improvement services for residents in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. Click or call today to get a free quote for your roofing or remodeling needs.


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