Custom Carpentry

Yes, We Can Do Any Project…
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Truly Custom Carpentry
For Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts

If you need carpentry services, we’re the company that delivers pro-level results without the typical hassles and stress of a home improvement project.

Custom Carpentry Experts: We Plan The Entire Project Before We Pick Up A Tool

With Jancewicz & Son, here’s what you can expect on any carpentry project:

A visit from one of our project consultant experts. We’ll carefully inspect the project area and listen to what you want.

We talk about things you might not have known to ask and we’ll help flesh out all the necessary details.

And then we really separate ourselves from the typical carpentry services companies. We do this by giving you a very comprehensive proposal that spells out exactly what materials we use, how we’ll execute the project.

You won’t be left wondering if we know what we’re doing. You won’t have to guess what’s included in the scope of the work. And you won’t have to stress out about whether the results will be good – they will.

Your next no-risk step is to contact us for a free consultation and quote.


What To Avoid

Here’s the problem with many contractors that offer carpentry services: they don’t have the depth of experience and the necessary resources to complete the project you hire them for.

‘One-man’ companies that are just a guy and his truck can be a roll of the dice. Even companies that are a handful of people often don’t have the skills and resources to sufficiently plan and execute many of the jobs they take on.

They’ll tell you, ‘yes, I can do that’ but then they hand you a proposal that is vague – if they write up a proposal at all. You’re left wondering exactly what exactly the scope of the work is and if your results will match your investment.

And that means headaches and stress for you.

With Jancewicz & Son, you are getting a proven, professional company that does year-round work and has the top local carpenters.


Jancewicz & Son

Since 1933 we have been providing quality home improvement services for residents in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. Click or call today to get a free quote for your roofing or remodeling needs.


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