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Cheap, Shoddy Products Are ALWAYS A Bad Investment.

One of the things that separates us from the average Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts roofing and home improvement company is this: we NEVER recommend anything but high-quality products.

Jancewicz & Son believes that using mediocre or sub-standard products just to match ‘bottom-of-the barrel’ pricing is not a good idea. In fact, we believe that approach costs homeowners more money in the long run.

Choosing to make a smart investment in quality products can increase your Return-On-Investment (ROI) and give your home a higher re-sale value. The opposite is also true: cheap products can lower your ROI, or even lessen your home’s overall value.

That’s why we recommend installing products that last a lifetime and look great. Companies that skimp on product quality or offer unrealistically low quotes are putting your home investment at risk.

Always choosing to install the best products has advantages:

  • You won’t have to worry about paying for the project all over again when an inferior product fails.
  • The extra value you get from improving your home is enhanced with beautiful, durable products.
  • And you can damage home value by installing mediocre or inferior products.
  • The best products come with the best warranties.
  • You avoid the hassle of chronic problems associated with unproven products.

Here’s the bottom line: whenever there’s a choice between a quality, proven product, and a mediocre, unproven product, we are going to recommend the better option. Every. Single. Time. No Exceptions.

If you like the idea of having the best-quality products on your home and making a smart investment, we’d be honored to consult with you on your project and provide a free quote. Contact Us now.

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