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Let’s face it. Most homeowners love the thought of improving their home, but don’t like the process of hiring a company to do it. The home remodeling horror stories are out there, and unfortunately, they do happen.

The key to a successful home remodeling project is finding a company 100% dedicated to professionalism and with the track record to back up its promises.

Jancewicz & Son’s Proven Professionalism = Peace Of Mind For You

  • We’ve been serving Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts since 1933 – and 90+ year local track record!
  • We hire and retain the best people. We reject the low-pay and lack of respect that leads to high turnover. You’ll notice the difference in your results.
  • We’re A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau and have won many awards. We’ve also been named a top 500 remodeler in the country for over 15 years straight.
  • We’ve got tons of happy testimonials and reviews.

Those are facts, but we’d also like a chance to prove to you directly what kind of company we are – without any risk or payment on your part.

Call us and schedule a free consultation and quote. We guarantee that our consultations and proposals will be more in depth and comprehensive than any other remodeling company in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

With our quotes and proposals, you’ll know exactly what we’re promising to do, how much it will cost, and that it will be done to the highest standards.

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P.S. Our Remodeling Services Are Available Year-Round – Even In The Dead Of A New England Winter!

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In New England, moisture is a part of everyday life. You might be drenched with a freezing rain, thaw, dry out, and break a sweat all in the same day. Those pressures on our skin and body are enough to endure; imagine what they are doing to our buildings. Jancewicz & Son has been installing and repairing wall and roof assemblies in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts long enough to have seen—and experienced—it all. Moisture issues can spawn from condensation, leakage of bulk water, or even a dark and dingy, moldy smelling basement.

Before beginning any home remodeling or improvement project, source identification to resolve or avoid moisture issues is paramount. Properly trained professionals, such as those of Jancewicz & Son, with a network of building scientists can ensure your home is a dry and healthy place for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency from a Building Science Standpoint

Comprehensive energy efficiency involves decisions covering a wide variety of products and installation techniques. After selecting efficient appliances and lighting for your home remodeling or improvement project, making the right choices for heating fuel and hot water devices, we can look into the building envelope.

In older homes, it is often quite simple to affect major changes in terms of energy efficiency. Reduce the amount of air that passes through the building envelope, and greatly reduce the amount of heat loss. With over 90 years of roofing and home remodeling expertise, we have discovered that faulty or failing roof assembly is typically responsible for a lack of air tightness. In roofing insulation retrofits, it is quite common to see changes in the overall building tightness of 15% to 20%.

We have seen these improvements prior to any work on the existing windows, floor systems, and rim assemblies, for example. While return on investment from energy retrofitting is often less desirable than we hope it will be, the increased cash in your pocket at the end of every billing cycle can change life more than expected.

Off Shoot on Green Building

A large part of the “green” building process comes down to simply choosing products and materials based on their low carbon footprint or renewable nature. One of the least green advents we have seen in recent years is the notorious Organic Asphalt shingle. This innovation has actually resulted in the disposal and replacement of countless roofs across our nation and the world. While the sellers of Organic Asphalt shingles certainly benefit from the frequent replacement and retrofits, the product itself has proven to be anti-green primarily due to the amount of waste it continues to produce from premature failure.

In all home remodeling, home improvement, or roofing projects, green building is a priority at Jancewicz & Son, and has been for years, with a focus on the four best practices listed below:

  • Controlling waste during production
  • Choosing proven “green” building products with a reputation for long lasting performance
  • Providing quality installation practices
  • Designing for the long haul

Need help designing that new outdoor living space you’ve been dreaming about for years? Maybe you’re looking to remodel a kitchen or bath, or build a second-story addition with a completely new and upgraded roofing system. Jancewicz & Son has the experience and expertise you can rely on.


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