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You might have heard that metal roofing is the smart long-term solution for replacement roofing.

But what you might not know is that the type of metal roofing system you choose makes a big difference. In fact, it makes all the difference in the world when it comes to the beauty and durability of your roof.

First, Here’s Is What You Should Avoid: Corrugated Metal Roofing

Do you associate metal roofing with barns or sheds? These types of corrugated roofs are often functional, but typically are not very attractive.

However, there’s an even bigger problem with corrugated metal roofing having to do with how it’s installed. This type of metal roofing uses screws that are exposed to the elements. Since these fasteners are placed about every 16 inches, that means you’ll have thousands of potential breach points in your roof.

Each of these screws is backed by a rubber grommet and that makes them very hard to properly tighten. It’s pretty much inevitable that they all won’t be as tight and secure as they should be. And in our cold climate here in New England, there will be quite a bit of expansion and contraction with each of those fasteners. Eventually, that will lead to leaks.

One thing to remember is that corrugated metal roofing was originally designed for agricultural use, where watertight construction is not as crucial as it is on your home. For all these reasons, we strongly recommend you avoid corrugated metal roofing.

So if corrugated metal roofing is not the right solution, what is?

The Best Metal Roof Option For New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts

The best metal roofing choice is Standing Seam Metal Roofs. Instead of thousands of exposed screws, not 1 single fastener is exposed to the weather with this system.

Our Standing Seam Roof materials perfectly interlock, forming a flawless appearance and rock-solid layer of protection for your home. In fact, we use a system that is ‘double-locked’ for extra protection, a method most metal roofers don’t use.

We also use a higher seam of 1.5”, compared to a typical 1” standing seam. This higher seam prevents water from cresting the seam, helping avoid potential ice or other water damage.  The gauge of metal we use is 24 gauge, thicker and better than the more typical 26 gauge used by most in the metal roofing industry.

In other words, whenever there is a choice to use a higher quality method or material, Jancewicz & Son always chooses to give our customers the best.

One other note: even though we do use sealant – and a higher grade than is typical of most roofing companies – our roofing system is not dependent on sealant to keep moisture out. You will find roofers that use sealant as a patchwork solution to cover over poor installation systems. Always avoid this kind of roofer.

How To REALLY Know We’re Different From Other Metal Roofers

Here is one crucial fact about metal roofing that many homeowners don’t know: the quality and experience of the installation team matters – A LOT. Standing seam metal roofing is not just a science, it’s an art. There is no substitute for experience and certified training skills, and this is particularly true with Standing Seam installation.

But, of course, any roofer can claim to give you a quality installation. Here’s how to really know that we set ourselves apart from other metal roofing choices: get one of our free detailed quote proposals. Where the typical metal roofer will hand you a 1 to 2 page quote, our detailed proposals for standing seam metal roofs are 12 to 25 pages.

Our proposals show you EXACTLY what we are promising. You’ll feel 100% comfortable that no detail will be overlooked and that you’ve found a company that takes our responsibilities to our clients very seriously.

Here’s some of what you can expect to see in our proposals:

  • A Roofing Plan That Gives You Our Overall Strategic Recommendation For Materials & Installation
  • Details About Roof Penetrations (Chimneys, Vents, Etc.) And How They Will Be Handled
  • Our Promise To Adhere To All Local Codes, Manufacturer Specifications, & Highest Industry Standards
  • An EXACT Scope Of Work – Everything Is In Writing So We Are 100% Accountable To You For What We Promise
  • We Then Go Into Even More Detail About Deck Preparation, Flashing, Deck Underlayment, Fasteners, Ice & Water Shield, And More. Nothing Is Overlooked.
  • We Also Outline The Warranty Information And Give You The Details Of How To Register Your Warranty With The Manufacturer.

To us, this level of detail is what every homeowner should expect from any metal roofer, but we have not found another company in New Hampshire, Vermont, or Massachusetts that will give you such a detailed proposal.

We’re Not Asking You To Decide To Choose Us Right Now

If you’ve been online doing some research on metal roofers in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, you might feel a little overwhelmed about who to call.

We’re not asking you to decide we’re the right choice from reading a page on our website; we’re only recommending you call us for a free consultation and quote. There’s no obligation, and you might be shocked by how much more information we’ll give you compared to other metal roofers.


More Details About Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam roofing is ideal for New England homeowners. A metal panel roof system, the panels are seamed together to make a vertical – or standing – seam. These panels can be fabricated using various types of metals including galvanized metal, copper, and Galvalume Sheet.

Panels can be formed on site using mobile pan forming machines and can be seamed using mechanical seamers or hand tools. Jancewicz & Son forms all standing seam panels on site using one of our six pan-forming machines. We also use mechanical seamers to seam our panels, which help to retain the integrity of the metal roof system.

What is Galvalume Sheet?

Galvalume Sheet is a cold-rolled sheet steel to which a coating of aluminum-zinc alloy has been applied. Scientists at Bethlehem Steel discovered the precise combination of aluminum, zinc and silicon for the coating nearly 35 years ago. This coating resulted in a highly corrosion-resistant sheet steel that delivers the optimum combination of aluminum and zinc characteristics: the barrier protection and long-term durability of aluminum and the sacrificial or galvanic protection of sheared edges that are characteristic of zinc.

Jancewicz & Son uses pre-painted Galvalume sheet supplied by Englert, Inc. Englert is one of the few single-source metal roof manufacturers with an in-house coil coating line. Our metal roof installers are certified by Englert, Inc., one of only a handful of certified installers in New England.

In addition to the durability gained by this coating, pre-painted Galvalume sheet comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. Pre-painted Galvalume sheet won’t spall (chip), curl, or split like asphalt or wood shingles. A roof fabricated from pre-painted Galvalume sheet can also withstand hurricane force winds, giving it the industry’s highest wind rating of UL90. Our pre-painted Galvalume sheet standing seam roof systems come with a limited 35-year finish warranty.

One of the most attractive features of a metal roof is its ability to shed snow, ice and airborne debris better than competitive roof systems, resulting in a virtually maintenance free roof.

If you are looking for structural integrity, durability, resistance to damage from wind, rain, snow, ice, salt spray and even fire, combined with a clean, crisp look in virtually any color imaginable, than you want a metal roof system fabricated from pre-painted Galvalume sheet.


For a standing seam roofing, standing seam reroofing, or standing seam restoration estimate, and information about our industry leading standing seam roofing warranties, call 1.800.281.3585. Proudly serving our local community for over 90 years. 

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