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It may seem like roofing contractors in Norwich, VT, are a dime a dozen. While there may be many you can choose to work with – you want one you can depend on and trust. That is where we come into the picture!

When it comes to roofing for your Windsor County home – don’t let just anyone handle your roof replacement. You need someone on your side who has the experience, quality materials, and will be honest with you every step of the way – which is what we promise.

Our Roofing Services

We offer several options for replacing your Norwich, VT, roof.

Metal Roofing

Our metal roofing is an excellent solution for those who want something beautiful yet durable in their homes. We do not deal with corrugated metal as it has several drawbacks in the cold and moist weather we see in the area.

Instead, we do with standing seam metal roofing which interlocks perfectly and is rock solid.

Slate Roofing

Slate is one of the common roofing materials seen throughout the Vermont area. It is considered almost indestructible, but it requires an installer who knows what they are doing. We are slate installers that keep on the cutting edge of installing slate roofing.

Wood Shingles & Shakes Roofing

If you want to add some warmth to your home’s curb appeal, then wood shingles and shakes are the options for you. We deal with cedar shakes and shingles that are highly durable and provide a high level of thermal insulation for your home.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are not one size fits all – there are several different types. Here at Jancewicz & Son, we offer the following:

  • Standard strip shingles in various colors that last anywhere from 25 to 30 years
  • Architectural or laminated shingles that last 30 years or longer
  • Super shingle, which is a heavyweight shingle that has a lifetime warranty

Asphalt is an easy choice for many homeowners as it is one of the most common roofing materials throughout the United States.

Single-Ply Or Membrane Roofing

Our single-ply or membrane roofing is commonly used on commercial properties. However, there are always residential homeowners who are interested in the durability of single-ply or membrane roofing, which is considered:

  • Resistant to hail
  • High resistance to weathering
  • Resists extreme heat and fire
  • High wind resistance

And numerous other benefits to the building which the roof protects.

Copper Roofing

Our copper roofing can come in one of two construction methods. Our standing seam method is constructed in panels that will be installed to run parallel to the slope of your roof. While the soldered copper roofs are constructed using rectangle panels that are soldered together for a brick wall appearance.

Flat Roofing

We work with flat roofing – something other roofing contractors may not tackle. When we deal with flat roofing, we offer three options:

  • Single-ply rubber roofing
  • Built-up roofing
  • Spray-on roofing

We can discuss with you the options you have and the pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Why Do So Many Norwich Homeowners Turn To
Jancewicz & Son For Their Roofing Needs?

Since 1933, Jancewicz & Son have been the roofing specialist people turn to. But what keeps people returning to us and recommending us to others?

For starters, we make the roof replacement process easy for you. We believe in giving you a straightforward answer about your roof – no talking to you in circles to answer your questions.

Secondly, we work throughout the year. Yes, Vermont winter weather can be brutal, but we know the weather here and can help deal with your roof issue any time of the year. Not many other roofing contractors can state that.

We only hire the best people to work with us, so you know those handling your roof replacement are the cream of the crop. Hiring the best people means giving the best results.

Lastly, we have quality-first values. We are only as good as the products we install. Thus, we believe in giving our customers the best home roofing products.

What Our Roofing Customers Are Saying

Jancewicz & Son did a great job replacing our home’s skylights and metal roof this past April. We have only good things to say about the experience and highly recommend Jancewicz & Son to anyone with roofing needs.

Michael H.

The staff at Jancewicz was super professional and easy to work with; our metal roof looks amazing! We would highly recommend them to anyone, we just LOVE our roof!!

Karen L.

All in all, a very good experience; the roof looks amazing, and the final cost was exactly what was proposed in the estimate. I recommend Jancewicz & Son for any roofing needs.

F. S. Holt

FAQs About Our Roofing Services

Q: Do We Offer Financing?

A: Yes, we do. We offer a simple financial plan that allows for an easy payment plan that fits into any budget so you can afford your roof replacement.

Q: What Is Our Best Roofing Material?

A: Every option we offer is worthy of consideration as we believe in only offering the best. That said, each roofing material’s aesthetics are slightly different. So we will work with you on figuring out which roofing material would work with your roof and the appearance of your home.

Q: How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

A: The time a roof replacement takes depends upon the size of your home and which material you have opted to go with. We try our best to get your roof replaced in a few days so you do not feel as though contractors are always underfoot.

Q: Do We Clean Up After Ourselves?

A: Yes, we do. We will leave your yard spotless so you can fully enjoy the beauty of your new roof. Even if you need emergency help with your roof – we keep the area tidy.

Jancewicz & Son

Since 1933 we have been providing quality home improvement services for residents in Southern Vermont, Southern New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts. Click or call today to get a free quote for your roofing or remodeling needs.


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